Leadwerks is the Easiest Way to Build Quality VR Experiences

Leadwerks and Visual Studio provide the fastest most lightweight development environment to launch you into the metaverse quickly. Our cross-platform API is easy to understand and fast to get started with, and our streamlined engine based on pure C++ delivers unmatched performance for immersive virtual worlds, for games and simulations.

Cross-Platform C++ SDK for VR

If you're programming for virtual reality you want to get down to the metal with pure native code performance. Write your application in Visual Studio with full control of your program's flow and structure. And when you need it, our handy visual editor is there to make the asset workflow a breeze.

Quality VR Requires C++

✓ Fastest performance
✓ No garbage collection overhead = no lag spikes
✓ Most compatible with third-party libraries
✓ Future-proof

Massive Performance for Immersive Virtual Worlds

Because Leadwerks is written in pure C++, with a fast renderer optimized over hundreds of games, it's easy to maintain the steady 90 FPS needed for immersive VR experiences. No garbage collection means no nausea-inducing lag spikes. Have you got detailed environments with high polygon counts you need displayed at maximum performance? Leadwerks will eat those for breakfast.

Virtualized Cross-Hardware Controls

We provide support for both HTC Vive and Oculus Touch controllers in a single API. You don't need to worry what hardware your program is being used with, just code your controls and let Leadwerks take care of the details. The world of VR is developing rapidly and support for new hardware can be added without rewriting your application.

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