One Tool to Rule Them All

Leadwerks Editor is a complete level design, asset management, and scripting environment for rapid creation and playtesting. It's everything you need to make games, all in one place.

Smart Asset Management

Importing a model or texture into your Leadwerks project is just a matter of dragging the file onto the editor window or into your project folder, and you're done. New files are automatically detected and imported immediately. Any updates to your assets are automatically detected and reloaded, instantaneously. Yeah, it's that simple.

Constructive Solid Geometry Mapping Tools

Built-in level design tools let you easily sketch out your game level right in the editor using constructive solid geometry. You can make changes on the fly and see the results instantly, instead of switching back and forth between applications.

Efficient Game Packaging

When you're ready to publish, Leadwerks Editor will export your game using only the required files and save them into compressed zip files with strong encryption. Gigs of files can be reduced down to a few megabytes. And with support for Ogg Vorbis audio compression, your distributable can be made even smaller.


Download a wide variety of free and paid assets to use in your game. Leadwerks Marketplace provides 3D models, textures, scripts, effects, and more to help you create your game. You can also submit your own items for free or for sale.


  • Instantaneous asset reload
  • Visual interface for every task
  • Drag and drop import of models and textures
  • CSG primitives and compound shapes
  • Smooth groups
  • Carve and hollow
  • Save any object as a prefab
  • Automatic texture mapping
  • Auto-generate materials and normal maps
  • Built-in script and shader editor and debugger
  • Hardware-accelarated terrain painting tools
  • Paint vegetation onto your landscapes